Beyond Recall. Beyond Retention. 

We Change Beliefs.

Methodology Coaching is a place where "training" isn't a bad word. We are obsessed with engaging experiences that go well beyond the common goals of simple retention and recall. We change behaviors to empower your audience with on-the-job application, advocacy, and mastery of your content. 

Our proprietary approach enables us to assess, diagnose, and solve behavioral challenges. This approach is the foundation for making your training efforts actionable and results driven

Methodology Coaching recruits facilitators from theater, education, retail, training, and legal backgrounds -- we believe this diversity is our strongest advantage.

Produce Lasting Behavioral Change

Permanent change for your team happens when new behaviors are organically accepted in an exciting training environment. 

Land Key Learnings

Every session must be interactive. Every module must drive toward a goal. Every activity must have a clearly defined purpose. Using the Socratic Method and Improv Theater techniques, Methodology Coaching makes your message matter. 

Strengthen Teams & Cultivate Trust

By introducing a shared vocabulary of success to your teams, we can build activities focused on Asking Difficult Questions, Mastering Objections, Influencing Skills, and Coaching. 

Build Genuine Excitement

"Training" doesn't have to be a bad word. Our facilitators develop their skills by presenting to some of the most challenging, jaded, and uninterested audiences in the country, and do so while earning their respect. We know how difficult it can be to gain participation in a role play, or how impossible it may seem to wrangle volunteers for a workshop activity. We implement our proven methods for eliminating discomfort from these sensitive scenarios. 

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